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Village Fire Communications

The Village Fire Department provides its citizens the services of three full-time highly trained Communications Specialists and a Communications Supervisor. The Fire Communication Center's goal is to provide the community with superior customer service for emergency and non-emergency resources administered by the Fire Department.

Some of the Village Fire Departments most important front-line emergency responders might never be seen by our community, yet they play a critical role in the resolution of every incident that the Fire Department handles.

When a person in need calls 911, an extensive communication network is instantly activated in order to properly route the call to all of the necessary agencies that may become involved. In many cases, a single emergency will require numerous different agencies to respond to an incident with coordinated action. A simple traffic accident can require transmission of critical information between victims, bystanders, and emergency responders from municipal law enforcement, fire rescue, receiving medical facilities and many others.

Fire Communication Specialists are the vital communication link between all of the pieces of an often life-threatening puzzle. Each Communications Specialist is a trained professional with specialized skills used to guide victims or callers through very difficult circumstances in order to get pertinent and accurate information. They must then use that information to make critical decisions about what resources will be needed to effectively handle dynamic evolving incidents. The ability to maintain contact with a patient until help arrives, communicate with numerous units and individuals while directing countless resources is truly an asset to the community and the fire service.

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