CPR Training

CPR & AED Training

CPR can help keep someone alive until they can receive medical treatment. CPR can help keep blood and oxygen flowing to the brain, which can prevent brain damage. 

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• Adult CPR and AED Use
• Opioid-associated Life-threatening Emergencies
• Adult Choking
• Child CPR and AED Use
• Child Choking
• Infant CPR
• Infant Choking

The course is instructor-led, and takes approximately 4 hours to complete. The course features group interaction and hands-on coaching, with feedback from your instructor.

The cost to you is $35.00. We only charge for the book and supplies required by the American Heart Association. The instructors and the course are sponsored by the Village Fire Department.

Please bring your course fee of $35.00 to the course, in the form of cash / check / money order. We cannot accept credit cards at this time.

Email inquiries to cpr@villagefire.org